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Selection of Tenant

We take the selection of tenants seriously at Melbourne Residential Property Management.

We ask all the relevant documents be provided when submitting your application including all the information requested on the application form.

This will ensure we process your application promptly.


The payment of your bond will be lodged with the Residential Tenancy Bond Authority (RTBA).

The bond will then be electronically lodged via the RTBA online system. You will receive a link via email, which you will then need to confirm for your bond to be lodged with the RTBA. Please click here for your reference, which clarifies this process.

Upon vacating the property the bond will be refunded subject to the property being left in a clean and orderly manner with no damage or outstanding rent.

Rental Payments

We have implemented DEFT payments system, this is a quick convenient and easy way to pay your rent any time of day or night.

You will be allocated a personal reference number upon approval of your application. Please note upon signing the Residential Tenancy Agreement this bounds you to a legal obligation to pay your rent one month in advance.

If for whatever reason you are unable to pay the rent on the due date please contact our office immediately.

Condition Report

The condition report establishes the condition of the property at the commencement of your tenancy and will be used as a comparison at the end of your tenancy.

Hence it is vitally important you are thorough when completing it as it may be referred to if a dispute arises at the end of the tenancy and affect the return of your bond.

You have five (5) working days after the commencement of your tenancy to complete and return it to our office. Your failure to return the condition report will forfeit your right to object if there is a dispute at the end of the tenancy.

Tenant Change of Details/Insurance

We request that all tenants inform our office of any change to their mobile phone number or email address.

Should you wish to add or remove a person from the lease please contact our office immediately.

Please note as per your residential tenancy agreement you are unable to sublet your property without the owners consent.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are adequately covered for your contents, as landlord insurance only covers the fixtures and fittings. We strongly recommend you take out comprehensive contents insurance.

Repairs and Maintenance

We request all repairs and maintenance be emailed to our office outlining the maintenance request , preferred tenant contact number along with photos of the maintenance item in question.

In the event its an appliance please provide the brand and model number ( usually found just inside the door) so we can appoint the relevant technician.

In the event you experience an urgent repair outside office hours, please contact Ernie Caputa on 0438 553 451. These include burst water pipes/hot water service, serious roof leak/electrical faults and any life threatening situations.

Termination of your Tenancy Agreement

Your residential tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract providing protection for both you and the landlord. You can only terminate the agreement in the following ways;

If it is your intention to vacate at the end of your tenancy agreement you must provide a minimum of twenty eight (28) days written notice prior to the expiry of the fixed term of your agreement.

Once the fixed term has expired you are at liberty to remain living at the property on an ongoing monthly periodic tenancy whereby you are still bound by the terms and conditions of the original lease agreement or to vacate.

Upon your decision to vacate you are still required to provide a minimum of twenty eight (28 ) days written notice prior to your vacate date.

Breaking your Tenancy Agreement

If the need arises whereby you must terminate your tenancy agreement before it expires please contact our office immediately.

If this situation arises we shall endeavour to secure another suitable tenant to take over your obligations. Please note however you will be liable to continue paying rent until another suitable tenants takes over and moves into the property.

There will also be a leasing fee payable to engage our services to engage our services to find another suitable tenant and advertising costs to re advertise the property to potential new tenants.

Should you require any clarification please contact our office

Gas, Electricity, Water & Telephone

Please note as a tenant it is your responsibility to ensure you arrange these connections under your name prior to the commencement date of your lease.

Upon vacating the property its also your responsibility to arrange the disconnection of the services.

Our partners My Connect take the worry out of this process and can provide you with a service that is free , they may be reached on 1300 854 478 or